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Pôle Universitaire Saint-Jean d'Angély
24 avenue des Diables Bleus
06300 NICE
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Coming from the Nice International Airport

The best alternative is Bus + Tramway (~30-40 mn)

You will arrive at Terminal 1 or Terminal 2. Buses #98 (labeled "Riquier") and #99 (labeled "Gare SNCF") are connecting both Airport Terminals to Nice downtown (see Map below).


Both bus lines are possible and will take you to Nice downtown, near a Tramway station (there's only one tramway line).
You need to buy a one-day ticket for 6€ (just ask for a "Nice" bus ticket). Tickets are sold at the tickets sales office just at the exit of the Airport. If you're in a hurry, you can in principle buy tickets directly from the bus driver BUT you need cash.
There is a bus every 20 or 30 minutes depending whether you travel on week days or weekends.


AFTER the bus you need to take the tramway

Please read carefully the following indications:
By experience, both buses take about 20 to 30 minutes depending on the car traffic.

  • Bus #99 is recommended and will take you to the Main Railway Station ("Gare SNCF"). From the Main Train Station, you need to walk about 2 minutes to get to the "Gare Thiers" tramway station. Take the tramway toward "Hôpital Pasteur".
  • Bus #98 will take you close to the Museum of Modern Art (MAMAC). Bus #98 will take you along the "Promenade des Anglais". You should exit at the last stop "Alberti", but you will need to walk back a bit to take the Tramway (the nearest Tram stop is "Opéra - Vieille Ville"), direction "Hôpital Pasteur".

There is only one Tramway line, so you cannot be mistaken.

Once you're in the tramway, you will travel for about 10 to 15 minutes depending whether you took bus #98 or #99. You need to exit at the "Saint-Jean d'Angely Université" tram stop. A vocal announcement is done before each stop, and LCD screens will indicate the stops.


All transportation alternatives at (journey, cost/fare, schedule)

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